EATON 265321 230VAC 16A Darbe Akım Rölesi

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EATON 265321 Z-SC230/3S – 16A 3NA 230VAC Darbe Akım Anahtarı

Datasheet – Z-SC230/3S
Part no.Z-SC230/3S
Article no.265321
Catalog No.265321
Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439
Technical data for design verification
Rated operational current for specified heat dissipationInA16
Heat dissipation per pole, current-dependentPvidW1.5
Equipment heat dissipation, current-dependentPvidW4.5
Operating ambient temperature min.°C-20
Operating ambient temperature max.°C45
Technical data ETIM 7.0
Devices for distribution board-/surface mounting (EG000062) / Latching relay (EC000188)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Electrical installation, device / Modular serial built-in device for electrical circuit distributors / Latching relay for distribution board (ecl@ss10.0.1-27-14-23-06 [AFZ818015])
FunctionMechanical for centralized control
Mounting methodDIN rail
Width in number of modular spacings2
Built-in depthmm60
Number of contacts as normally open contact3
Number of contacts as normally closed contact0
Number of contacts as change-over contact0
Control voltage 1V230 – 230
Type of control voltage 1AC
Frequency control voltage 1Hz50 – 50
Control voltage 2V0 – 0
Type of control voltage 2AC
Frequency control voltage 2Hz0 – 0
Rated switch currentA16
Supply voltageV240 – 415
Voltage type of supply voltageAC
Max. incandescent lamp loadW1980
Max. load fluorescent lampVA1020
Max. load fluorescent lamp (Duo circuit)VA1820
Max. load fluorescent lamp (parallel compensated)VA1105
Max. switching current (cos phi = 0.6)A10
Manual operation possibleYes